Jane McCarry - 
The official website 

Big thanks to The Clyde Valley Caricaturist for my official caricature

Hello, come away in. 

You here tae dae yer nosey? 

Ayeeeee. Well, wait till I tell ye, 

this is the place to be if you’re looking for a 

wee Isa minding or something a bit different. Unfortunately, no SteakBakes, 

plastic plants or mops are available on this site.

 Auld Pals 

Come n say hello to ma auld pals, ye may ken some ae them !

A.K.A Tam from BBC's Still Game
A.K.A Winston from BBC's Still Game
A.K.A Navid in BBC's Still Game & A.J in BBC's River City
A.K.A Boaby the barman in BBC's Still Game


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